Disney Sidekicks Week | Day 3 - Favourite Sidekick Song |
→ “Welcome” from Brother Bear (2003) ;; Remembering loved ones departed / Someone dear to your heart / Finding love, and planning a future / Telling stories and laughing with friends / Precious moments you’ll never forget”

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30 Day Disney Challenge ⇒ Day 14: Favourite Lyrics

I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme)
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Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.


I wanna do this omg send me letters

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Anonymous - I just want to let you know I love your blog and you're a really great person.

aw thankyou so much darling this is super sweet xxx


Sorry for the link, this is a new computer and it won’t let me save anything to it DX Could I please get a look alike if it’s not too much trouble though? Thanks so much!!

sure sweetie, i think you look like Attina (one of ariels sisters) and Wendy from Peter Pan. I hope you like it :) xx

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i’m bored

send me pictures of your lovely face for a lookalike

it can be an animated character, face character, villian or whatever, just let me know which

lookalikes i’ve already done are here



Top 10 Disney Movies (as voted by my followers)
 #2 - The Little Mermaid (1989)

Adore this movie! (:


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herculoser - welcome home :)

thankyou cutie xx

Anonymous - I'm so happy you're back, I love you!

Aw thankyou cutie, I love you too xx

Hello can I please have a animated and a face character lookalike, Thanks Honey

hey there darling, i’m sorry this has taken so long to do. Okay i’ve already given you an animated lookalike here so i’ll just do the face character one for now :) Okay first of all I think you could make a really cute Fawn, I think you have similar features to this face character but I also think you could be friends with Giselle. I hope you like this xx

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As most of you may know i’ve been staying at my grandads this past week and so I had little to no wifi and haven’t been on much

buut i’m back and will be back to blogging normally by tomorrow morning.

Send me things now I’m back xx

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Ok bud.. we’re gonna take this nice and slow.

This was easier than I thought it would be.
Though I still go crazy over how much quality gets lost while saving it… 1MB is really restrictive! Ugh.

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The king and queen’s lantern finding it’s way to Rapunzel.

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Make me choose: Jane Porter or MaidMarian? asked by anonymous 

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